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  • International coach Federation (PCC)
  • Coaches Training Institute
  • academy for coaching excellence

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective leaders are people who understand themselves in areas pertaining to both their strengths and their areas for potential contribution and development. As a result, leaders are developing strategies to meet demands while living balanced and fulfilling lives.

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Leadership Coaching for executives and managers who are charged with leading high-impact projects and a diverse team of staff is imperative for maximizing success.

By way of extraordinary leadership coaches (certified by the International Coach Federation) with leadership, management, consulting and field expertise, highly skilled support is available for your organization--ranging from speaking engagement professional presentations, to customized coach training, to workshop development and facilitation, to high-impact group coaching session implementation, and all the way to the successes designed in our individual, laser-like, activity-oriented, one-on-one coaching.

Hot Destination:  Effective Leadership

Working the way you Design it!

Enjoy designing effective, extraordinary (and perhaps even adventurous) experiences--propelling you and your organization forward. 

Someone is  rejuvenating on vacation in the rainforest jungles of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica right now....while making strides in changing the course of how staff work with each other, impacting the bottom line for project success--while their leadership is dramatically increasing satisfaction of customers and staff can be, too!