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 We provide customized, heartfelt support to leaders that supports them in implementing obvious and immediate shifts in the quality of their own professional (and personal) lives while assisting in the organizational transformation that leaders need and want. 

With Masterful Strategies support from the Coaching Leadership Institute, leaders will evolve even more quickly into unimaginably, high-impact, extraordinary agents of change. 

Just as we describe the ocean as inspiring, ever-changing, limitless and amazing, so is the vast leadership capacity of our clients.  

Our clients lead by inspiring and influencing others with ease!


According to recent research, nearly 65% of employees in the workforce today are disengaged with their work, and the majority of people report that if they could, they would change jobs. and their lives.

Is this acceptable?  Why are people not doing the work they are meant to do and doing what they do with quality and passion? How are you impacted? Inspiring people to become increasingly engaged and successful in their work--and in their lives overall--is very possible, especially when applying a systemic approach and proper guidance and support.

International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC),  Master's of Science in

Organizational Development (Pepperdine university)

Christine is an energetic  and highly motivating coach and leader and is the founder of the Coaching Leadership Institute--Masterful Strategies, a leadership coaching, facilitation and management consulting practice. Additionally, Christine teaches at two institutions of higher learning. She continues to provide leadership development support within a variety of organizations throughout the United States.